005: Brian & Laura Hales—Single-volume Distillation of Three-volume History; Polygamy and Polyandry


My friends Laura and Brian Hales join me for an informed, candid interview about the practice of early Mormon polygamy. A catalyst for our discussion is their recently published Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Toward a Better Understanding—a distillation of Brian’s three-volume…


004: Dan Vogel—Annotated Edition of the First Anti-Mormon Book (1834); Restoration Origins


A prolific interpreter of Mormonism, Dan Vogel is an engaging guest and a decades’ long friend. In this interview we discuss his most recent publication, an annotated edition of Eber Dudley Howe’s 1834 Mormonism Unvailed: Or, a Faithful Account of That…


Joseph Smith, Elias Smith, and Wilford Poulson

First Vision stained glass window

Joseph Smith’s divine encounter known as the First Vision occurred within a cultural matrix where others also reported having seen deity in redemptive visions. For instance, Billy Hibbard, a native of Norwich, CT, who became a Methodist preacher, recalled: I…

003: David Bokovoy—Three-volume Series on the Hebrew Bible; Historicity and the Nature of Scripture


Authoring the Old Testament: Genesis–Deuteronomy is the first in a three-volume series by David Bokovoy on the composition of the Tanakh, which he suggests can inform and clarify our understanding of Joseph Smith’s translations. A gracious podcast guest, David shares…


002: Julie M. Smith—Revised Book on the Gospels; Harmonizing Hermeneutics vs. Critical Scholarship

Julie M. Smith

In her newly published revision of Search, Ponder, and Pray: A Guide to the Gospels, Julie M. Smith invites readers to engage the gospels devotionally by asking questions critically. In our podcast, Julie elaborates on the benefits she sees in this…


Trending Book of Abraham Research

Egyptus... Zeptah

In the coming weeks and months, a few podcasts will examine the Gospel Topic “Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham.” To give listeners a glimpse of emerging trends in BoAbr research, see my essay “The Curious Textual History…

001: Jan Shipps—New History of the Prairie and Mountain Saints; Race and Gender

Jan Shipps

Jan Shipps is the perfect inaugural interview for the Mormon Studies podcast. She has become the matron saint of Mormon studies (that’s a promotion from her previous role as the den mother of Mormon studies). She is professor emeritus of history at…